What is the aim of persuasive essay topic


To start with, an argumentative or persuasive topic is designated for making someone interested in the text below and convince him to take the side of the author on its matter. Generally, writing an academic paper on this type of theme requires from students gathering and analyzing facts and statistics ending it withdrawal of given task. Also, we should mention that scribing an argumentative paper is not as easy as it seems to be. Firstly, you have to check the persuasive essay examples, pitch upon a breathtaking persuasive essay topics, write about an outstanding case, then you need to make your ideas appear well-structured and impeccable paragraphs. After having the text written, you should check it for accuracy and then post it somewhere on the Internet.

The aim of this composition is to make your adherents accept your opinion on the on the matter of the item you aspire to describe. Make it effective! For instance, you can try to persuade somebody that education is not as useful as people believe to be, cats are better than dogs or marijuana should be allowed by the government, etc. By and large, writing of essays is taught in a school where pupils are asked to pick a side in an argument or to defend a particular team against criticism. Moreover, such tasks develop logical thinking and help children to represent themselves in dispute.

Top 10 persuasive essay topics students can write:

  1. Euthanasia pros and cons – points of view;
  2. The right of robots: fiction or reality;
  3. Abortion is murder or an ordinary medical procedure;
  4. Should boys and girls be in separate classes;
  5. Should students have a job while studying;
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of buying a term paper;
  7. Should marijuana be allowed;
  8. Should the death penalty be abolished;
  9. Who is the best: cats or dogs;
  10. Why an alcohol advertising should be banned on TV.

Choose an attractive, persuasive essay topics

The persuasive paper implies the need to write and pitch upon an engrossing theme that will be in demand of its readers. For instance, you can draw inspiration from conversations with friends, news or popular magazines to write a persuasive speech topic. Should be mentioned, that argumentative topics vary for the different groups of people. For the vast majority, fashion stays in priority when some folks find their passion in science, politics or economics.

Organize your essays’ speech

To convince people to consent with your idea, you should not only choose the right theme but equip the creation with paragraphs to make your thoughts appear readable. Write your text, it should be full of bullet points, ennobled by the clearly expressed structure and contain the title of the text, paragraphs, headings, subheadings and the conclusion also. For the beginners, it appears as a complicated task, but experience comes with practice.

Every draft consists of such elements:

  • Introduction: There you should acquaint the reader with the basic idea or point of creation and give common theses about the essay or essays you write. If you are not aware of the matter of your topic, take a hint and surf the Internet. What is more, you should check out every bit of information you can find on the raised question.
  • Body: These paragraphs are intended to give facts and connecting them with an explanation. Also, it requires reasoning of the theme and proving it with the evidence that is logical and apprehensible. After giving arguments to the paragraph, you may give a concluding sentence which sums up your assessment with the most effective words as possible.
  • Conclusion: This step demands to summarize the key points of the given task. Therefore, the conclusion must be logical and practical. To induce someone to concur with your attitude, you should use reliable facts. It will be easier to assure your followers using strong points, statistics and quotes. Writing a persuasive article requires from students examining a lot of literature on the point of the subject of creation and being well-read and erudite.

In conclusion

To draw a conclusion, we should emphasize that the topic for the persuasive essay is different for every social group and requires knowledge of the subject of research and the author’s attention. Moreover, you can choose any topic that suits you, but also it is necessary to keep in mind that the thesis should be effective and favored among readers. Paying your whole attention to the keynote of the publication helps you grow into a smart, consistent and disciplined person and student who is ready to persuade or deal with any points of dispute.