Get acquainted with the represented terms prior to making the order!

The (hereafter referred to as the “Resource”) gives the opportunity to any potential customer to address the Resource for making the order and to pay the fee for the assigned task via the illustration of his or her mutual agreement with the described here terms of cooperation entirely. If he does not accept any of the indicated terms, he should not proceed to command the services of the Resource.

1. Definitions

1.1. The ‘Client’ is the customer who makes a decision to order a product corresponding to his or her demands and who acts in strict accordance with the represented rules.
1.2. The ‘Author’ is the specialist who took an offer to occupy the position of the freelancer working for the resource performing writing assignments (term papers, dissertations, essays) on the terms offered by the Resource.
1.3. The ‘Order’ represents the electronic request to perform determined payable tasks.The order form describes the information about the workscope and the demands of the Client related to the product and the working process.
1.4. The ‘Product Check’ is the process of the proofreading of the assignment.
1.5. The ‘Client Support’ is the division of the company performing administration and control of orders (starting from the moment of the order formation up to the day of the delivery or after) and offering support to the customer in case of need.
1.6. The ‘Order Status’ is the current project execution phase.
1.7. The ‘Quality Control Division’ is the department of the company which principal task is to estimate the products and services in order to assure their high standards.
1.8. The ‘Messaging System’ is the option enabling the uninterrupted communication of the Client and the Author/ Client Support.

2. Acceptance

The offers the Client to make use of the services of the Authors if the Client comes to terms represented in the current contract including the rules of cooperation and the working process described on the pages of the site (referred to as ‘Business Agreements’). This is an obligatory requirement. The mentioned code represents the set of regulations brought to relegate the customer’s access to the Resource and its services. The registration on the site serves the manifestation of the Client’s consent with the indicated terms and conditions. This is the only way to become a user of the services offered by the Resource. The terms of the current agreement can undergo changes without the customer being informed of that fact. The updated rule comes into effect as soon as it is posted on the pages of the Resource.

3. Services

This Resource is an online provider of the services connected with the writing assignment completion. It offers the platform for cooperation giving the opportunity for the customer to search a corresponding Author who is the specialist in the determined sphere capable of performing writing tasks of the needed level of complexity and within the determined timeframe. The Resource enables the delivery of the services to the Client and the fee to the Author.
The Authors are the freelance workers occupying the position of the writer on this site on their own accord. Prior to getting orders the Authors undergo multilevel verification of knowledge revealing their awareness in the professional sphere and the writing skills. The proper education is one more demand. The system of personal rating illustrates the quality of the delivered papers.
The customer can place his order of the determined assignment characterized by the number of specifications and requirements which serve the guidance for the Author performing the task. The writer is responsible for the quality of the delivered work. This also refers to the correspondence to the demand offered by the Client and the due day delivery. As soon as the transaction of the payment is held, the Author delegates the rights of the assignment to the customer.

4. Order Formation

4.1. When registering on the site of the Resource the Client needs to indicate the valid email address (the registration with the incorrect address is a violation of the agreement). This will enable the communication of the customer with the Author and the Client Support.
4.2. Placing the order is free of charge. The Authors make their offers as for the orders if they consider they can take responsibility to provide the needed quality assignment within the determined timeframe.
4.3. As soon as the Authors have represented their offers the Resource chooses the best suitable specialist for the determined order. The Author receives all the details and accepts the responsibility for the task completion, and then the customer transfers the payment to the site of the Resource. After this step, the Author starts working on the order.
4.4. The system of uninterrupted communication. The Resource provides the effective messaging system supplying with the comfortable communication between the user and the Author/ the Client Support representative in order to enable the successful realization of the project. The Client needs to react on the new messages to assure the best implementation of all the requirements. The attempts to organize the direct cooperation with the assigned Authors are prohibited.
4.5. Order tracking. Having placed an order the customer receives the access to the system of verification of the current stage of the task completion due to the order tracking system.

5. Delivery terms and copyright

The Resource is not accountable for the delivery issues appeared as a result of the other’s providers’ actions (like the e-mail resources). The same refers to the situation when the Client fails to download the document because of the technical details of his computer. The Client Support team of the resource can solve issues which are within the scope of its responsibilities.
The document is written in consistence with the user’s requirements. He is also the only owner of the final product and all the material related to it. In case if the plagiarized work was disclosed the customer can ask to take back the payment and reject the final product. If the case is reasonable the fee will be repaid.
The Resource (its affiliated companies, partners) is not liable for the unlawful or inappropriate use of the delivered assignment. The complications caused by the low marks, failure at the examination, plagiarized task, loss of scholarship, positions, suspension, legal argument or any other issues should be addressed to the Author.

6. Revision procedure

The Client can ask to provide the revision of the final variant of paper if he detects any discrepancy with the requirements. The transaction of the fee for the performed task from the provider to the Author takes place after the customer accepted the delivered document. After this step, the refunds are not considered. The manifestation of the product being accepted takes place when the Client hits the corresponding key on the site of the Resource. The requests as for the drawbacks of the work should be sent within the 3 days term after the delivery of the final variant. The expiration of this period automatically initiates the transaction of the Author’s fee.
Every request undergoes verification by the Quality Department. If it is reasonable the spent resources are returned to the customer, but if the representatives of the department find the claim unfounded it will be declined with the proper explanation of the reason.
The cancellation of the orders in progress presupposes the review. The sum transferred to the Author’s account will depend on the percentage of the task completion. If the assignment is marked as ‘finished’ the whole sum will be transferred.

7. Changes

The can insert changes into the current agreement, completely or partially, temporary or perpetually, providing notifications or not. The updated agreement comes into effect straight after the new information was posted on the pages of the site. The customer is offered to check the updates in the agreement regularly. Using the services of the Resource the Client manifests his acknowledgment and agreement with current terms and conditions of cooperation.

8. Usage

Asking for services the Client agrees to provide only true information about himself, to update the data in time, and not to abuse law with the help of the delivered services.
It is assumed that the customer has reached the legal age which is generally determined as such in his country giving him permit to make online purchases. The violation of this requirement can cause termination of the account operation. It is also expected that the Client is not prohibited to use the Services offered by the Resource according to the legislative acts in his country.
If the Resource detects false or outdated information it is entitled to suspend or terminate the account. Thus, any future use of the services provided by the will not be allowed to this customer in any form.

9. Principal Law

The terms of the agreement are defined in accordance with the legislative base of the current place of the main business of the company. The United Nations Convention on the Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not applicable to the represented terms.

10. Contacts

In case of any questions related to the agreement details, address to the Client Support Department to receive the answer.